Helping Victims of Pregnancy Discrimination

Having a child is an exciting time for any expecting parent, but also a very vulnerable one. While trying to focus on the needs of the future, it can be hard to figure out what to do against pregnancy discrimination in the workplace or how to combat it when you do spot it. Thankfully, you do not have to face this challenge alone.

With the help of a skilled New York attorney at Levy Ratner, you can make it clear that pregnancy discrimination of any kind is unacceptable in the workplace. We take the time to develop a custom-tailored representation for our clients based on the unique factors of their cases, and we are ready to create a plan that protects your best interests.

How Discrimination Can Affect You

There are many ways that discrimination can happen in the workplace. Pregnancy discrimination law protects employees based on current pregnancy, past pregnancy, potential pregnancy, medical issues related to pregnancy, birth control, and the choice to have or not have an abortion. Common examples of pregnancy discrimination include:

  • Being denied temporary accommodations, such as being relieved of heavy lifting or working with dangerous chemicals
  • Not hiring someone because they are expecting a child
  • Not providing a lactating person with a private pumping room
  • Firing an employee after learning they are pregnant
  • Verbal or sexual harassment related to the pregnancy

Too many people are afraid of filing a discrimination claim because of the worry of retaliation. You should know that workplace retaliation is also illegal, such as lowering hours, assigning difficult tasks, and denying promotions, raises or vacation because an employee filed a complaint.

Let Us Stand With You

The last thing you need when you are expecting a child is to suffer harassment or termination for your pregnancy. If you suspect that you are the victim of pregnancy discrimination in the workplace, let a skilled lawyer fight to protect your rights. Call us at 212-627-8100 or use the online contact form to schedule your initial consultation today.