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everyone who works.

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Employment Representation

When our clients face harassment, discrimination or unfair pay in the workplace, we fight to vindicate their rights. We represent clients across a wide range of industries and professions.

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Labor Representation

We provide comprehensive representation to large and small unions in a wide range of industries to strengthen the labor movement and empower working people.

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Employee Benefits

We fight to protect workers’ retirement and healthcare security by enforcing the promises employers make about compensation and benefits.

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Political & Nonprofit Representation

We provide counsel and advice to advocacy organizations, grassroots and community groups, PACs and candidates for public office. We assist nonprofits with formation and compliance, and help them stay within the limits of tax and campaign finance law.

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Areas of Focus

  • Employment Discrimination

    Unequal treatment because of race, age, disability, sex or other factors may violate the law, and we help clients to vindicate their rights, both in individual cases and class actions.

  • Wage and Hour

    When employers fail to pay overtime or minimum wages, dip into employees’ tips, or misclassify workers as independent contractors, Levy Ratner fights for back pay and other relief for our clients.

  • Sexual Harassment

    Sexual harassment and abuse at work is utterly unacceptable but remains a reality for far too many. Levy Ratner guides clients through these challenges with skill and care.

  • Employment / Separation Agreements

    Whether you are ending an employment relationship or just starting one, our attorneys are available to advise and advocate for the best possible agreement.

  • Labor Representation

    Levy Ratner represents labor unions whose memberships total more than half a million workers across industries and sectors, and we work with them to negotiate unparalleled wages, benefits and job security.

Case Highlights

Black and Latino firefighter hopefuls get a second chance to join the FDNY

In a major class-action victory, Levy Ratner and the Center for Constitutional Rights secured more than $80 million in back pay and opportunities for employment for African American firefighter applicants, many of whom are now at work protecting New York City....
Black and Latino firefighter hopefuls get a second chance to join the FDNYRead More