Experienced Labor & Employment Attorneys Serving New York & New Jersey

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Experienced Labor & Employment Attorneys Serving New York & New Jersey

Areas of Focus

  • Employment Discrimination

    Unequal treatment because of race, age, disability, sex or other factors may violate the law, and we help clients to vindicate their rights, both in individual cases and class actions.

  • Wage and Hour

    When employers fail to pay overtime or minimum wages, dip into employees’ tips, or misclassify workers as independent contractors, Levy Ratner fights for back pay and other relief for our clients.

  • Sexual Harassment

    Sexual harassment and abuse at work is utterly unacceptable but remains a reality for far too many. Levy Ratner guides clients through these challenges with skill and care.

  • Employment / Separation Agreements

    Whether you are ending an employment relationship or just starting one, our attorneys are available to advise and advocate for the best possible agreement.

  • Labor Representation

    Levy Ratner represents labor unions whose memberships total more than half a million workers across industries and sectors, and we work with them to negotiate unparalleled wages, benefits and job security.

What We Offer

We’re proud to bring the knowledge and strategic thinking that comes with decades of labor and employment law experience to every case we take on.

  • Guidance

    We provide strategic guidance and creative resolutions to clients as they navigate pay disputes, employment contracts, separation agreements, sexual harassment, discrimination and other workplace issues.

  • Unparalleled Insights

    We bring nearly 50 years of collective insights into cutting-edge labor and employment issues.

  • Scale

    We’re uniquely equipped to scale our team of attorneys to meet the diverse needs of our clients. When necessary, we bring class action litigation to remedy unlawful conduct by employers and other organizations.

  • Relationships

    We maintain strong relationships with mediators, arbitrators and judges, and have earned the trust of major clients who we have represented for decades.

  • Industry Leadership

    We’re continually evolving our practice to meet the demands of the changing workplace—often predicting tides of change before they happen.

Triangle Element

How We Work

Our number one priority is bringing workplace disputes to their optimal resolution, so our clients can move forward in their careers.


  • 1

    Our work begins with a comprehensive assessment of your case, where we gain an understanding of the specific details of your situation and learn about your top priorities and concerns.

  • 2

    Based upon a close review of the facts, and our deep understanding of the applicable law, we offer personalized guidance and straightforward advice.

  • 3

    We determine whether your situation can be resolved through legal advice, strategic guidance or skilled negotiations, or if it will require mediation, arbitration or litigation. Our attorneys have the experience and track record necessary to successfully tackle a wide range of workplace disputes.

Labor & Employment Attorneys