Combatting Sexual Harassment At Work

At Levy Ratner, we represent employees in New York City and New Jersey. Because our focus is solely on you as the worker, we have a clear sense of duty and work only to protect you and your rights. No matter what type of work you do – labor, service, retail, health care or corporate – we can assist.

If you are suffering from sexual harassment at work, call us at 212-627-8100 to get the information, support and representation you need to make it stop. We also pursue compensation where there has been loss of income, promotion or other measurable monetary damages.

What Is Workplace Sexual Harassment?

While many cases of sexual harassment are directed at women, the truth is anyone can be a target. Any type of harassment at work can make it difficult to do your job. This can lead to poor performance reviews and attendance issues. The personal fallout can be undue stress that causes anxiety, depression, PTSD and even suicidal ideation.

Our sexual harassment attorneys are committed to providing the legal support you need to move up and out of your situation, while holding the responsible parties accountable. We can help with:

  • A hostile work environment created by your refusal of a sexual advance or request
  • Quid pro quo requests
  • Gender/sex-based hostility
  • Unwanted advances or requests for dates
  • Sexual jokes, comments or actions
  • Denial of advancement due to nonengagement of sexual requests

New York State’s workplace harassment laws are fairly progressive. This means that all workers are eligible to file a suit, including domestic workers, contractors and subcontractors, vendors and consultants, regardless of their citizenship status. We can also advise on issues regarding workplace retaliation, mandatory arbitration clauses or nondisclosure agreements.

Work With A Proven Firm For Sexual Harassment Cases

We are a well-established firm for protecting employee rights. Since 1971, the mission of our firm has been to protect and advance the rights of everyone who works. Call us to schedule a meeting with an experienced sexual harassment lawyer regarding your issue: 212-627-8100. You can also connect via the online contact form.